NAGASAKI UNIVERSITY Faculty of Education

Message from the Dean


For all who take an interest in education

Prof. Noboru Fujimoto, Dean of Faculty of Education

Prof. Noboru Fujimoto,
Dean of Faculty of Education

Teaching is a noble profession, and for this reason teachers attract the critical eye of society. At the same time, however, it is a profession in which one can help to build the future by bringing out, developing, and enhancing the potential that is in every child. I assume that it was your experiences interacting with such teachers, from kindergarten through high school, inspired your respect for the teaching profession. Or perhaps you wish to be a teacher because you have doubts about the state of education in contemporary society and aspirations to use the power of education to make the world a better place.

The Faculty of Education of Nagasaki University aims to graduate educators who are ready to play vital roles in the field immediately, through learning specialized skills to contribute to school education, in cooperation with the Nagasaki Prefecture Board of Education and other educational institutions along with other parties playing active roles in education in their communities. For this reason, beginning in the 2020 school year we have employed the Common Test for University Admissions, together with interviews, in all entrance examinations, seeking applicants who have high levels of academic abilities and strong desires and motivations to become instructors. In addition, our faculty courses emphasize experiential learning through educational practice, centered on practical experience in the field at public schools, including those on remote islands and in other outlying regions, and on our affiliated schools. We also offer a wide range of lectures and seminars intended to convey academic knowledge and skills regarding the true roles of children, teachers, and education and what is needed in the profession, along with the qualities and abilities that are essential to teachers. By enabling graduates to attain two types of teaching credentials, we aim to produce educators able to address the educational issues faced by Nagasaki Prefecture.

As society adapts to the arrival of Society 5.0, built on the Internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), and responds to issues such as low birth rates, aging populations, and global warming, realizing a sustainable society characterized by enrichment of the natural world as well as mental and physical health requires education of human resources who will be able to create such a society, to play active roles in related activities, and, at times, to reform society. For this reason, the abilities needed from teachers, in particular are the creativity to create places for learning, the human skills to see every student as an individual, and the ability to create new values while recognizing different value systems. The Faculty of Education strives to foster such abilities through cooperation between educators in early childhood, elementary, intermediate, and special-needs educational courses and the community. I am confident that by doing so we can help you make your hopes and dreams come true. I encourage all who want to help create the education of the future to come and learn together with us here in the Faculty of Education.