NAGASAKI UNIVERSITY Faculty of Education

Admission for International Students

Information on Entrance Exam for Privately-Financed International Students

Please read the Application Instructions (in Japanese) carefully for details.

Admission Policy of Faculty of Education

We require the following qualities in students

  • Students must have the knowledge, skills, and proficiency level expected of upper secondary graduates for majoring subject
  • Students should have logical and critical thinking abilities, good judgment, and expressiveness (including communication skills) for specialized study
  • Students should have good communication skills, including non-verbal elements for building good relationships with children, students, their parents, colleagues, and so on
  • Students should have the motivation and attitude to pursue studies independently
  • Students should have interest in contemporary educational issues and aspire to be a teacher

We select candidates based on their score in EJU (the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) and performance in an individual achievement test.

Examination period

Early September: We announce application guidelines
Late February: We organize the entrance examination. We accept applications for all courses.

Rina Aoyagi, an undergraduate student of the Department of English Teaching, translated the Japanese content on this webpage into English.