NAGASAKI UNIVERSITY Faculty of Education

Educational Philosophies

Educational philosophies of the Faculty

The educational aim of the Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University, is to produce professional school teachers equipped with academic expertise, rich humanity and practical competency to teach children, by offering them places and opportunities to study subjects specifically related to personality development.

Qualitative requirements of school teachers include a sense of mission as educators, rich sense of personality, profound intelligence, and educational policies, expertise in their respective disciplines, well-refined teaching skills, and aptitude to comprehend the psychologies of children including those with mental and/or physical difficulties. Accordingly, the purport of the Faculty of Education is to develop professional teachers who work in fields of preschool, elementary, and secondary education including education of handicapped children.

In addition, the social responsibility that we will shoulder is getting more and more diverse and extensive. The awareness of lifelong learning, the advent of information society, and globalization accelerate demands for professional teachers to work across the broad in society. Developing and supplying competent teachers with professional expertise and experienced teaching skills in response is one of the important tasks we will fulfill.

Educational philosophies of the Graduate School

The academic principle of the Graduate School of Education is to provide specialized knowledge and professional skills in order to develop human resources capable of creative research and advanced practices in Japanese education. As far as education and research is concerned, the objective of the Professional Degree Program (Teaching Profession Practice Major) is to help students acquire advanced and specialized knowledge and skills necessary for the teaching profession of Japan and thereby developing human resources with excellent practical capabilities and qualities to be demonstrated in school education.