NAGASAKI UNIVERSITY Faculty of Education

Message from the Dean

Come forth, young people!

Prof. Koichi Matsumoto, Dean of Faculty of Education

Prof. Koichi Matsumoto,
Dean of Faculty of Education

At the Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University, we look forward to meeting all of you aspiring to be teachers filled with enthusiasm and motivation to learn while understanding those who have differing values.

The Faculty of Education fosters school teachers, which is what you are all currently learning to be. Teaching is a noble profession that communicates the meaning and joy of learning to children. It is a worthwhile profession that fosters the talent who will sustain future society. It is also a valuable profession where you can instill children with a rich, global perspective and achieve your own personal growth at the same time.

I would like you to learn many things during your studies at the Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University, as well as being able to enjoy a wide variety of experiences during your university life here. I would also like you to acquire the high-level capacities and abilities necessary for a teacher to educate the children who will support future society.

There is a long history to our department, where we aim to educate these skilled teachers. The Faculty

of Education was established in 1874, shortly after the Meiji Restoration, as a “place for the instruction of elementary education.” We have become a well-established school with a history of over 140 years already.

Nagasaki, where the Faculty of Education is located, has long prospered in trade with China, South-East Asia, and other foreign countries. After Portuguese ships arrived in the 16th century, Nagasaki became a hub for Christian missionaries. It is a place that has been open to the West since times of old. Throughout the long history of this school, ambitious young people have been coming to learn and cultivate the courage to thrive on the world stage. I hope you all follow the example laid out by those who came before you, and gain the courage to boldly take on difficult issues and leap into unfamiliar territory. Courage is also something that you should teach to the children who are going to carve out the future of the world.

The Faculty of Education has a host of professionals who teach about preschool, elementary, special-needs, junior and senior high school education. We have already laid out the stage for you to learn and thrive. All you have to do now is pull up the curtain, and step right onto it. For all those who want to become teachers: “Come forth to the Faculty of Education!”