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Message from Takashi Fujiki, Dean of Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University

Takashi Fujiki
Takashi Fujiki,
Dean of Faculty of Education

 We use tablet devices and smartphones to sift through the information from around the world and utilize it in our daily lives. We are living in a truly global society!
 In such a society, what kinds of qualities and abilities do teaching professionals need to have?

 The Faculty of Education and Graduate School of Education at Nagasaki University aim to establish the optimal system for training teaching professionals in which the curricula and teaching methods are designed to explore three types of qualities and abilities required for teachers require in this era of globalization: 1) Sense of mission toward teaching profession (sense of mission); 2) Advanced and specialized knowledge and skills (knowledge and skills); and 3) Overall human capabilities (human capabilities).
 In April 2008, the Faculty of Education discontinued all courses in which the acquisition of teaching license is not part of the graduation requirements; instead, we decided to solely specialize in the training course for school education teachers. With the core curriculum that strikes the balance between lectures and hands-on exercises, this course enables the training of teaching professionals capable of responding to the modern society. In April 2014, our Graduate School of Education was first in Japan to discontinue the Master’s Program and integrate it into the Graduate School for teaching profession. This new graduate program for teaching profession (Graduate School of Education Teaching Profession Practice Major) has enabled practical training of teaching professionals through the team teaching with practicing teachers and research teachers. We will apply this approach to the undergraduate program and further transform our education system to achieve a practice-oriented teacher training program that integrates the undergraduate and graduate schools.

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